Rubber Research is a sub-division of Rubber Industry Department at TechnoBiz Communications Co., Ltd. is an important platform for rubber researchers and rubber industries to exchange information and explore opportunities. For any industry, research & development component plays an important role in sustaining the business. The main activity of this sub-division is organizing exhibition on research developments & innovations related to rubber and its processing. This research exhibitions will be held in parallel with rubber industry trade exhibitions organized by TechnoBiz. The entry is free for all pre-registered participants to visit this exhibition.

The highlights of research exhibition include:

  • Poster Fair on Rubber Research Developments & Innovations
  • Oral Presentations on Selected Topics
  • Booths of Research Organizations and Universities

All researchers are invited to submit to display their research results as posters. The benefits of poster display as below:

  • Participants will have access to this poster zone through expo period.
  • As information on poster is brief and to the point, the visitor will have quick understanding.
  • Researchers will have more opportunities to post more than posters on their work
  • Researchers have opportunity to present topic directly to visitor
  • Researchers will have opportunity to meet industries face to face to commercialize their research.